MS Student Camp 2018

Note: This article is automatically translated, please turn to the Chinese version for more accurate expression if possible.

Microsoft’s student summer camps have been held for 18 consecutive years. Although there are some colors to promote Microsoft’s technology, they are also very sentimental.

Summer camp is not a devil activity with the first goal of transferring knowledge, so just have a good time. The most interesting event for hackers isGolden dot game: Submit two numbers for each group, see the rest of the rulesOriginal URL. Everyone writes programs to implement strategies, and then runs hundreds of rounds of battles. Our group of Buddhism Department used two predictions: exponential average and linear regression, and the final score was ranked in the upper middle.

There are a few Tech Salon behind, talking about various technologies of Microsoft, like large-scale product promotion. On the third day there is a full day of hackathon——

Hackathon’s false proposition

Personally, hackathon is more skeptical. Of course, if everyone participates in the event just for fun, then everyone is happy, but if someone wants to win the top few awards, this mechanism has a lot of loopholes. The first is the originality of the idea. A good idea in a hackathon event is very, very important, but it is not easy to come up with a good idea at a time-strapped event. Idea needs a lot of accumulation behind it, and after the idea emerges, it is very likely that the product has already been made (what is the point of making another one by yourself in this case?). Then there is fairness from the perspective of awarding. There is no elegant way to judge a person’s work. From idea creation to design implementation, from code quality to program complexity, it is better than others. What’s more, there are people who directly use open source projects to change the front-end and use them as their own.

From a positive perspective, hackathon activities are indeed encouraging innovation. Maybe there are many people who have some great ideas, but they suffer from workload and studies, and there is always no suitable opportunity to realize them. Hackathon gives them a good opportunity (to be precise, an opportunity. Want to take time There is always, but participation in activities is always a good entry point) Concentrate on coding implementation. If the result is good, there is still a chance to be supported to make the project continue.

How important is soft power?

On the fourth day, there will be a series of Soft Skill Training, mainly related to Microsoft’s philosophy, how to convey ideas and leadership.

The first is the concept of Microsoft. After watching a few promo videos (all repeated ==) and the speaker’s explanation, I have a relatively complete understanding of its meaning.

Yuli makes extraordinary achievements for everyone and every organization in the world.

These words are very ambitious. We hope to develop new technologies and use them to empower everyone in need.

What follows is about how to tell a story well, and I always feel like I’ve seen these things somewhere.

Finally, Dean Pan talks about leadership. First of all, it is emphasized that leadership is not equal to management ability. A good leader is responsible for leading the team to the goal, and the manager needs to consider how to organize the team in an orderly manner. The story he mentioned about starting his own business in Taiwan is very interesting. They founded a sim card company when mobile phones first became popular, designing and producing sim cards, and quickly made a lot of money due to the rapid development of the industry. However, a chip provided by another manufacturer used in the sim card would be broken in a poor-quality environment, so it was returned in large quantities and the company was dismal. He regretted that he did not take the responsibility at that time, but took the blame and resigned.

He mentioned that leadership is mainly reflected in three aspects:

  • Tell stories, tell the story well to make others believe in you and attract investment
  • Take the lead, for team cohesion
  • Take responsibility, others will feel that you are responsible and trustworthy


Although there is a lot of praise from everyone, this event also has the purpose of Microsoft as a company. About half of the activity time is related to Microsoft products and club operations. Of course, other activities are also very interesting. Although there are no technical gains, they are also a pleasant five-day holiday.

Looking back, the most important gains may be the increased feelings and new friends made during the event.