MCM Notes

Note: This article is automatically translated, please turn to the Chinese version for more accurate expression if possible.

Make a simple record of MCM in nine days…

After being familiar with the competition, it is roughly divided into the parts of finding resources, learning, and reading papers, which are not completely executed in sequence.

Find resources

First understand the basic information,Official website. It is estimated that there are too many Chinese people participating, even Tips has a Chinese version, you must watch it.MCM-ICM: Procedures and Tips for a Great Experience (Chinese)

In the beginning, I first looked for resources and collected a lot with my teammates. Finally, I personally determined a few books to follow. However, I didn’t apply for various courses on the Internet, and I didn’t plan to spend so much money. In addition, the expectations for the first competition were not high. Try the water first.

According to the recommendation, be prepared to read “Mathematical Modeling (Fifth Edition of the Original Book)” and “Mathematical Modeling Methods and Applications Second Edition”. There was also the “Application of Matlab in Mathematical Modeling” which was just downloaded and read.

The software is mainly based on Matlab. The second book involves a lot of Lingo, so I installed it too, and learn a little for spare. Mathematica is my favorite software besides the competition. It is also installed. I hope that the symbolic calculation will be useful.


Mathematical Modeling (Fifth Edition of the Original Book)

This book is almost officially written, so you can take a good look. The code implementation is not much, and it focuses on the idea of mathematical modeling.

The picture below is the outline of the preface of the book.


There are three MCM issues mentioned in Tips on the official website:

  • A continuous type
  • B Discrete
  • C data analysis

Probably a question will involve the establishment and fitting of a set of sub-models, so you must lay a good foundation.

Mathematical Modeling Methods and Applications (Second Edition)

It mainly talks about the algorithms and Matlab / & Lingo implementation in various modeling. Many algorithms are packaged off-the-shelf, I hope to get familiar with the code.

Directly on the map. . Not much time to organize, click the MindManager icon in the lower right corner to open it in a new window.

so hard. . GG


The interactive introductory tutorial on the official website is very good, but the talk is relatively shallow, just follow the book and write more code.

The point is to realize that the basic data structure here is a matrix.


Learned from official documents, simple descriptive language, magical solutions. . . tql

See paper

It hasn’t started yet. . Take a quick look at the award-winning papers in 17 years. . It’s so long. . orz scared

Game plan

There is a simple live broadcast with a suggested schedule above: