2017 Events

Note: This article is automatically translated, please turn to the Chinese version for more accurate expression if possible.

Record what I have done this year, although I have almost forgot it, recalling it according to the notes and calendar. It feels like another year has been wasted. In fact, there are many things that have happened and done, but when it comes to major events, they are not very good.



I was in a regular class in my freshman year. I started to organize and select experimental classes in my freshman year. I was lucky to pass the exam and interview and become a member of the experimental class. I want to be exempt from taking physics this semester. Unfortunately, I should report it in my freshman year. I missed it. However, the physics of the experimental class is in the sophomore year, which is okay. Before entering the experimental class, I was also preparing to transfer to the major of planning, so I don’t have to worry about it now. During this semester, under the leadership of Yang Ya, I visited many companies, such as Toutiao, Maomao, Megvii Technology, SenseTime and so on.


In the freshman game, the performance is normal, anyway, he is at that level. After that, there was a Microsoft Beauty of Programming contest, and more than two thousand and two hundred of the qualification contests passed, but unfortunately, the final exam crashed afterwards and did not continue to participate.

After that, there didn’t seem to be any major issues. I took the 6th test?


This semester is always struggling with early going to bed. I insisted on going to bed at 0 o’clock for 21 days, but unfortunately, the final exam plus holiday ended. The Hongfu campus is very hot in summer and there is no air conditioning. I still remember how uncomfortable it was at that time.

2017.4.29 missed the high-speed rail for the first time and did not go home during the festival.

I encountered a thunderstorm on July 7, 2017. I was very excited and ran out to take pictures by myself. I reposted and liked thousands of people.

After moving, enter the summer vacation stage. Going out with my mother in a lot of places.

Sophomore first semester


This semester is not bad, the course is as challenging as before, and a few major assignments with a higher basic level can be considered decent. Yang Ya went abroad as a visiting scholar for one year, and felt that we were abandoned. The deputy squad planned to find a mentor for each of us, but then nothing came of it (vomit). At the beginning of the elementary school, I completed the airport security inspection work, and later I did the CPU calculation group work at the end of the semester. What is more painful is the arrangement of the courses, which seems to be the consequence of the incomplete reform of the experimental class. Although the courses have been streamlined, the difficulty and content have not been strengthened. It is said that the next semester’s computer network will be reduced from 64 hours to 32 hours, and the teacher is worrying about what to say in class.


2017.10.26 I went to Fuzhou to participate in CCSP, because I didn’t prepare enough so I only got the Bronze Award. After coming back, I found that teacher Yang Xudong (I always think of Huang Xudong XD) in the calculation group had a high evaluation of this competition.

2018.1.15 I got the certificate of the third prize in the school physics competition and the first prize in the Beijing physics competition, and won the reward of full points in physics (the final total score is also full marks, happy).

2018.2.8 Mathematics modeling contest, I have written before.


2017.10.15 went to Tianjin to watch Jacky Cheung’s concert, and went to Tianda and Nankai by the way. Thank you very much for the friends who accompanied me to go with me.

2017.12.26 I came up with the first MC Mod. I have always had this idea before, but because I have to learn Java, I haven’t started. I forgot the opportunity that gave me the motivation to start work. As a result, I learned Java very quickly (the big book Thinking in Java still didn’t cheat). MC is still pretty good. After the programming cat simplifies this process and teaches children, we write Mod directly at the source code level, which is suitable for all ages in the educational sense :). After 12.31, the MC was cleared (with the help of Mod (plug-in) written by myself).

2018.1.26 The VPS of the bricklayer was walled. A profound lesson told me not to trust the stability of overseas VPS hosts too much, and to make regular backups.